Yes, Shelley! I Want To Finally Discover my Inherent Worth As A Mom!

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“Before taking Shelley’s course I was hesitant…thinking, what can I really learn? It has taken me years of being a mom and grandma to say I’ve found something that has really changed my life.” – Rebbetzin Julie Devorah Brown


” Taking Shelley’s course finally got in the message that yes, I was afraid of my own children.  They are now so much calmer, almost as if they were looking for opportunities to connect to me in a positive way. I’m now the confident leader of my family.” – Faigy Pollock


“I used to wake up with fear and terror in my heart for the coming night because bedtime was torture – yelling and fighting….After taking Shelley’s course, bedtime is now a joy and delight. Because I’ve changed and in turn – my kids have changed. ” – Jenn Ghermez



​I thought I was basically doing o.k. You know, the typical Orthodox Jewish Mom from middle America, think Jewish star- raising kids sometimes, feeling on top of them, often letting them run the show, heavily sprinkled with guilt, maybe I’m not even a good enough mom-just letting things kind of slide, kind of feeling down, I went to parenting classes and read some books, but none of it turned me on.

I just can’t believe how great I have been feeling since I signed up for Shelley Malka’s workshop!!!! I never thought I would have to go back to the pyramid to get my geula (redemption.) With her guidance and explanations I slowly climbed back up and claimed my G-d given place in the scheme of my family- she empowered me to own and radiate my authority in a totally Jewish way- I am no longer tumbling along questioning my parenting abilities- I am leading, and they are following- I NEVER believed it could happen."

Jill Miller                    

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