Yes, Shelley! I Want To Be Trusted, Be Respected, Be Admired By My Kids - Without Having To Be The 'Perfect' Mom!

I understand that I'm getting PERMANENT access to Exclusive Strategies and Techniques that help me calm down, think straight, move on,knowing EXACTLY what to do to get my kids eating out of my hand!

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  • EmPowered Jewish Parenting Transformational 8 Class Journey A $997 Value!


  • Weekly assignments that help you put your step-by-step goal achievement plan into action and develop a powerful mindset that will help you overcome any obstacles. A $997 Value!
  • ​Weekly Check-Ins to inspire you and help you stay on task. A $997 Value!
  • 24/6 online access to the course including video modules and downloadable action guides. A $997 Value!
  • ​​Transcript ‘Cheat’ Sheets to banish overwhelm and keep you super focused! A $120 Value!

Plus All Mega Bonuses!

  • Bonus #1: Does Their Place In The Family Seal Their Fate? A $197 Value!
  • ​Bonus #2: MEGA TRAINING: Ayin Tova – You Awaken The Good. A $197 Value!
  • ​Bonus #3: Transformational Class – What About Dad? A $197 Value!
  • ​​Bonus #4: Guided Visualization MP3 version: Connection and Belonging. A $47 Value!
  • Bonus #5: Guided Visualization MP3 version:Self-Compassion. A $47 Value!
  • Bonus #6: Companion Report – The Miracle of Guided Visualization. A $47 Value!
  • Bonus #7: Webinar Q&A A $97 Value!
  • Bonus #8: Beautiful Journal for download and printout. A $27 Value!
  • Bonus #19: EXTRA SEAT for a beloved family member or friend to accompany your on your transformative journey. A $3,111 Value!
  • Mega Support Bonus #10: Full 3 month access to Members Only Online Forum. A $250 Value!
  • Mega Support Bonus #11: Half-Hour Meet-‘n-Greet Consultation with Shelley on Skype or phone. A $150 Value!

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What Customers Are Saying:


“Before taking Shelley’s course I was hesitant…thinking, what can I really learn? It has taken me years of being a mom and grandma to say I’ve found something that has really changed my life.” – Rebbetzin Julie Devorah Brown


” Taking Shelley’s course finally got in the message that yes, I was afraid of my own children.  They are now so much calmer, almost as if they were looking for opportunities to connect to me in a positive way. I’m now the confident leader of my family.” – Faigy Pollock


“I used to wake up with fear and terror in my heart for the coming night because bedtime was torture – yelling and fighting….After taking Shelley’s course, bedtime is now a joy and delight. Because I’ve changed and in turn – my kids have changed. ” – Jenn Ghermez



​I thought I was basically doing o.k. You know, the typical Orthodox Jewish Mom from middle America, think Jewish star- raising kids sometimes, feeling on top of them, often letting them run the show, heavily sprinkled with guilt, maybe I’m not even a good enough mom-just letting things kind of slide, kind of feeling down, I went to parenting classes and read some books, but none of it turned me on.

I just can’t believe how great I have been feeling since I signed up for Shelley Malka’s workshop!!!! I never thought I would have to go back to the pyramid to get my geula (redemption.) With her guidance and explanations I slowly climbed back up and claimed my G-d given place in the scheme of my family- she empowered me to own and radiate my authority in a totally Jewish way- I am no longer tumbling along questioning my parenting abilities- I am leading, and they are following- I NEVER believed it could happen."

Jill Miller                    

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