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The Must Attend Training For Moms, Grand-moms and Anyone Who Works With Kids


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This is the ONLY Course For Moms Which Actually Puts The “You” Back In Your Parenting Pic 

So you can finally start experiencing renewed energy, transcendence and powerful joy in your home!

Here’s what I’ve learned about stepping into a highly successful and powerfully joyous parenting experience:

You need more than just parenting classes that tell you do-this-do-that.  Fill-in-the-blank instructions aren't enough beyond a certain point. And for many moms - AND grandmas by the way, one more book, course or workshop isn’t going to make a deep difference anymore.

Because the truth is, just-tell-me-what-to-do directions may pump you up with initial energy and excitement but in the end, they leave you with the same bad feelings about yourself. Because guidance that doesn't give you a deep understanding about the underlying structures of parent-child relationships - doesn't help you make informed decisions when the going gets tough. And so you return home and realize your parenting is still stuck in exactly the same place.

That’s why I designed EmPowered Jewish Parenting Online Training ('Em' in Hebrew means 'Mom') to be centered around YOU - instead of the usual, child-centered, technical-focused methods of getting kids to listen.

Sure, there's a place for those, and I offer them when necessary.

But I want to EM-power you. I don’t just want you to fill a notebook to the brim with brilliant tactics and tricks – while missing authentic heart and soul - YOURS - and a deep, code-cracking grasp of why kids act out in the first place. 

This Will NOT Be Just Another Note-filled Journal You Add To Your Dusty “Someday, When I Have More Patience and Less Overwhelm” Bookshelf

​With EmPowered Jewish Parenting, we most certainly roll up our sleeves, take action and get things done. But in a way that goes WITH who you ARE, rather than AGAINST your personality, your values and unique parenting style.

In this highly powerful training, what takes most moms years to finally understand and implement, we achieve in just 3 months together. (And chances are, if you put in the work, you'll start seeing results WAY sooner. I started seeing result immediately. Literally).

You get my personal hands-on attention as I help you turn the pyramid in your home the RIGHT WAY UP and finally feel a deep sense of simcha in your primary role.

That’s why I and my clients have been able to make absolute quantum leaps in our parenting. Because the KIND of transformational knowledge I'll teach you + application = TRANSFORMATIONAL RESULTS.

You have your unique 'woman's wisdom' in raising YOUR kids. But you may not know how to access that....YET. So we've designed EmPowered Jewish Parenting specifically to get YOU the results YOU want with YOUR kids.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

  • You Feel Like THEY’RE The Boss: You wake up each morning having to get them up, get them dressed, get them fed, get them out the house – and all with grumbling, complaining, yelling or hitting – and never feel they listen to YOU. In fact THEY think it’s THEIR right to tell YOU what to do, which makes you feel disconnected, unfocused, and anxious.
  • Wondering If You Should Just Resign Yourself : You’ve caught yourself thinking maybe this is just what motherhood “is,” but  secretly wonder if it’s your lack of self-confidence that somehow causes your kids to be disrespectful and make poor choices in their lives.
  • Realize Your Own Emotions Keep Getting In The Way… You wish you had inner peace, even with your parenting challenges, but everything coming at you at once gets you overwhelmed and worried. You don’t have the tools to calm down, think straight and move on. (So instead you just beat yourself up).
  • Struggling To Fix Their Problems Month After Month… but still can’t “crack the code” on the “right” therapies – so you’re flustered and confused, not knowing what you’re supposed to be doing each moment. You STILL feel you’re failing them – and you.
  • You wish you could stop fighting reality… and radically accept your kids, your situation, and who you are as a mom so you could be calmer and happier.
  • Wish It Were Simple, But Don’t Just Want To Be Mindlessly Told What To Do: What you really need is an ally who guides you to make your own informed choices and decisions based on what YOU deeply believe you and your kids need.
  • Still Searching For Real Results: You’re tired of spending your hard earned money, energy and time on parenting programs that are all “the same” and keep you stuck. You crave solutions that SPEAK TO YOU so you can put an end to lack of harmony, frustration, guilt, overwhelm and burnout once and for all.
  • Stuck In a Downward Spiral: It seems you can’t get out of your own way fast enough to finally make the impact on your kids and your home you sense, deep down, you were born for.

Dear Friend,

The reason I’ve created this training is to help you see how simple successful Jewish parenting can be – when you deeply understand the structure of parent-child dynamics underlying EVERY INTERACTION with your kids.

After being a mother for more than 25 years, and feeling pretty lousy at it, I finally “landed” on an approach to parenting that completely and unexpectedly transformed my home and my life. Since then I realized how deeply western thinking about child-raising has harmed our homes and our self-esteem, overturning the pyramid Hashem set up and blowing Jewish parenting up into a confusing and overwhelming balloon! Well, G-d willing, we’re going to pop it.

I’d read endless books and taking countless courses over the years which always left me feeling somehow even more inadequate. I finally realized none addressed the spiritual core of why my kids’ acted out and didn’t listen to me. Neither did any of them actually take my personality into account in their parenting advice. No one asked me to look at who I WAS as a mom – who I WANTED to be. In fact, I ended up feeling no matter what I did, I would end up traumatizing my kids. And I had no idea back then, that when WE are somehow following our inner critic’s idea of the mom we “should” be, that’s a big part of the problem.

So I decided that my course would be the complete opposite. EmPowered Parenting Moms roll up their sleeves, work on their parenting ‘selves’ in real time, have huge breakthroughs with their kids – some even as soon as they start changing their mindset at the beginning of the course. I give you the same secrets that totally turned my house around, worksheets, action sheets and Transcript ‘Cheat’ Sheets to get you really focused on making sure you get what YOU WANT from your parenting, personal feedback in the Private Members Forum from me, and tons of fabulous tools and techniques throughout the course to help you neutralize your painful emotions and false, limiting beliefs about your ‘failure’ as a mom.

I’ll teach you how to metabolize your feelings and transform your understanding of yourself and your kids, so your emotions show up in a proportionate, well-informed way, rather than your just ‘losing it’ over and over again and throwing up your hands in despair.

After 25 years of parenting trial and error, not having a clue how to figure this whole Jewish “thing” out and after lots of risk-taking with this radical, Depth-Torah thinking about parenting, I transformed my self-image, and that of my kids – without actually changing anything I DID, without my kids even knowing I’d learned something ‘new’, and without spending tons of money on therapies (that you think they – or you – need).

My mentor always reminded me how important it is to stop second-guessing myself and rely on my own intuition. She taught me what was REALLY going on in my dynamics with my kids, and before I knew it I was calmly and confidently getting my kids’ cooperation, naturally and happily. And you’ll do the same. By getting in touch with your loving authority, you’ll start seeing immediate results, G-d willing. You need only access the critical 10% that makes you successful 90% of the time – way within 90 days. Believe me, it’s possible. I’ve done it. And so have all the moms who’ve taken my course.

With much bracha and dedication,

“I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly what we do to be trusted, be respected, be admired by our kids – without beating ourselves up or having to be the “perfect” mom.”

If you sign up for EmPowered Jewish Parenting today, you’ll have in your hands my Personal Roadmap to radically improved relationships with your kids – with YOU lovingly, effortlessly in charge – in the next 90 days – starting from TODAY!

The Agenda:

Give Me Just 12 Weeks, And I’ll Help You Implement My Transformational Building Blocks That Will Take Your Parenting to Transcendence and Powerful Joy

Transformational Building Block #1:  Banish the unacceptable status quo in your home. Here’s a sample of what you’ll discover, filled with radically NEW understandings based on timeless Torah psychology:

  • Class 1:  Finally figure out the Depth-Torah Truth about your kids' bechira (power of choice) so you can effortlessly stop beating yourself up for not 'fixing' their problems (and then sit back and watch most problems fizzle away...seemingly like magic).

Transformational Building Block #2: Putting the YOU back in your parenting pic, instead of copy/pasting other people's ideas of who you 'should' be. 

  • Class 2: Break out of the confusion by discovering your loving and authentic authority and bring order back to your home - on YOUR TERMS. You'll flip the pyramid back the right way up and elevate your confidence by discovering the EXPERT MOM you intrinsically are.

Transformational Building Block #3: Uncover The Underground Code In Your Kids' Bad Behavior.

  • Class 3: Immediately get your kids to co-operate naturally and happily as you discover how to raise them to your level (instead of sinking to theirs).

Transformational Building Block #4: Gain your jaw-dropping parenting edge with The Outrageous Discovery Statement.

  • Class 4: Deeply imprint the ODS to transform your thinking automatically. You'll be amazed by how problems start to 'magically' disappear as your kids start feeling safe to thrive without that threatening their connection to you.
  • Class 5: Dissolve their demands for undue attention. You'll effortlessly overturn their victim-consciousness (whining, complaining) that drains and overwhelms you - and instead help them become self-reliant and remarkably prepared for emotional and spiritual independence. 

Transformational Building Block #5:  Master The Breakthrough Blueprint For Neutralizing Power Struggles.

  • Class 6: Elegantly Maneuver The Turnaround and watch your kids' insolence and brazen chutzpah  disappear and instead they'll happily follow your lead, maintaining THEIR rightful place in the pyramid as you maintain YOURS.  You'll be blown away by how quickly your frustration and helpless rage transforms into genuine compassion and love as a result.

  • Experience our fabulous Mindset Tools to unblock and clear any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you from being the mom you've only dreamed of. (Remember, I've been a therapist too, for 15 years and I've lots of powerful tools and techniques to share with you).
  • Class 7: Discover The Power Of Your Deep Inner Trust. Now, liberate yourself finally from the false belief, "He can't!" and discover how to ALLOW them to be successful. And they'll be successful, G-d willing!
  • Class 8: Pinpoint Exactly Where They Are Responsible.   Be stunned by how your kids LITERALLY and PHYSICALLY reflect your expectations. You'll grasp how to effortlessly dissolve punishment and shame and help your kids embrace the naturalness of  logical consequences and learn accountability.

You’ll have plenty of time to mastermind and network with our loving community of like-minded souls in our stress-free and supportive members-only online Forum (perfect for introverts and extroverts alike 🙂 )

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

“I used to wake up with fear and terror in my heart!”

Just thinking about the coming night,  I'd wake up with heart palpitations because bedtime was torture…yelling and fighting….After taking this course, bedtime now is a joy and delight because I’ve changed. And in turn, my kids have changed!


Jenn Berokhim

Stay at Home Mom and Inspirational Speaker

“I've finally, finally begun to enjoy my role as a mother!”

 Shelley’s is unlike other parenting courses. Not a set of techniques that you have to learn and practice. Rather, she lays a foundation then shows you how to step into your role with confidence and trust. Rather than try to change my children, I learned how changes in myself – in my attitudes, beliefs, interpretations of my children’s behaviors- influence my children’s actions and reactions. I have stopped second guessing everything I say or do. I’ve learned to trust myself as a mom. And now that the constant stream of doubt and inner criticism has ground to a halt, I’ve finally, finally begun to enjoy my role as a mother.

Shoshana Schwartz

Addictions Counselor and Writer

“The deep insights, rooted in Torah values transformed my mindset"

My kids were connecting to me through power struggles and my home was upside down. Shelley taught me HOW to believe in myself and in them in order to see results. How to TRUST  that Hashem has given them the capacities to do and be GOOD! Shelley's incredible way of teaching, inspiring, guiding, supporting, understanding and holding is incomparable. I feel enlightened and empowered to see what I CAN 'DO' in difficult situations. Where to take responsibility and where to let go. This course is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Talie Suissa

Mom of 6 and Assistant to The Executive Director, Nefesh Be Nefesh

“Shelley's course is a game changer!”

 In this course, Shelley really helps you take a step back and make sure you have the right perspective on parenting - altogether.  This in and of itself is a game changer. Her ideas aren't often discussed in parenting classes and they are definitely paradigm-shifting.  I highly recommend this this course to anyone serious about feeling confident as a parent and shifting their relationship with their kids. 

Adina Epstein

Stay At Home Mom

“Nothing, but nothing compares to what I got from this course!"

When I first heard about Shelley Malka's course, I knew she was such a quality person I felt I'd benefit from whatever she taught. But when I heard the title "Empowered Parenting," I was doubtful. I'm in my fifties and have already raised my kids. Shelley felt I'd still benefit so I jumped in...

What I got was so much more than I could've imagined. I always felt I had a decent sense of how to raise a family, even though my birth family was dysfunctional. I'd learned so much about raising children from so many sources along the way. Nothing but nothing compares to what I got from Shelley. Her words, all based on our sages and Torah giants, helped me understand the dynamics facing our generation and how they affected my home situation.

Through the incredible insights that Shelley shared, I gained a thrilling confidence in my "voice" as a Matriarch, and began to act like one. I saw that even though my children are grown, it is affecting them. It is not too late. Then, above and beyond, Shelley gave a bonus class on "Dad".

I've counseled and taught many, singles, brides, and married women. Again, this class blew me away...deepening my understanding of how the whole course fit together, each class based on and illuminating the one before, all ingredients of a collective whole that breathed new life into me. I know my family is benefiting exponentially as I am.

I am forever grateful and recommend this course to all Jewish women.

Councelor and Kallah Teacher

“Your course is a work of art!"

Each idea is so deep, and every concept is so important and relevant for today's day and age!  Eye opening, structured, clear. 

I'm fascinated by how you put this together in such a beautiful way, bringing Torah sources to introduce what's to come, and using them as the foundation for your approach. I've just watched the beginning and can't wait to see how all this unfolds in a practical application of all the ideas. I've already gained such a lot and it's just the start of my journey!

Avital Ziskind

Teacher and Trauma Therapist

“Shelley teaches you to tune in to what you naturally know is right”

​When You Make Your Purchase Today, You Will
Also Receive The Following Bonuses..

Bonus #1

Does Place in the Family Seal Their Fate? 

Your window into bullies, victims and other difficult kids and their false beliefs about how they fit in the family. Finally, help them (and you) imprint the truth so they can be free to thrive.

(Value: $197)

Bonus #​2

The Power of Ayin Tova 

This mind-altering training shows you HOW to see the positive and master this spiritual alchemy. This will not only radically change your kids' behavior but you'll find yourself having inexplicably more positive life experiences than ever before, G-d willing.

(Value: $197)

Bonus #​3

What About Dad?

Finally access your unique woman's wisdom to stop your kids getting into the cracks - and be enthralled by the harmony in your home as a result.

(Value: $197)

Bonus #​​​4

​​Connection and Belonging.

​​Original Guided Visualization mp3 with original, classical Jewish music to deeply imprint their unconscious goal of connection to you - even when their behavior is screaming just the opposite!

(Value: $​47)

Bonus #​​​​5


Another powerful, musical meditation to effortlessly program into your mind the critical importance of self-care before you can take care of anyone else.

(Value: $​47)

Bonus #​6

​​​The Miracle of Guided Visualization.

Stunning, full-color Report to help you get the most out of your guided visualization experience. Grasp the fascinating Torah and simple science behind why this works so incredibly.

(Value: $​​37)

Bonus #​​​​​7

​​Group Coaching Q&A Training.

​​Be a fly on the wall as group members work one-on-one with Shelley to release their negative emotions in specific challenging situations with their kids. Effortlessly borrow benefits to immediately apply the techniques and surprisingly experience your own struggles from a fresh perspective!

(Value: $​​97)

Bonus #​​8

​​​​Family Connections Journal.

Beautiful Journal to track your discoveries, insights and Aha moments, or use it for your workbook entries to record your dynamic growth experiences and re-live your successes over and over!

(Value: $​​​27)

Bonus #​​​​​​​9

​​​Private Members-Only Forum.

​​​Join our wonderful community of like-minded moms for ongoing support, answered questions, comfort (of knowing you’re not alone and others are going through exactly the same thing!) and pure FUN!

(Value: $​​​250)

Bonus #​​10

​​​​​½ hour meet n’ greet with Shelley over skype or phone.

Jumpstart your journey by getting your challenges clarified and immediately figure out your next step to getting unstuck.

(Value: $​​​​150)

Bonus #​​​​​​​​11

​​​​WEBINAR ONLY BONUS -Know Your Worth As A Mom.

Full video training to transform your poor self-esteem wired into your brain and instead allow you to finally experience a deep, inner knowledge of your inherent, unconditional worth.

(Value: $​​​2​47)

Bonus #​​1​2

​​​​​Extra Seat.

​​​Invite a beloved family member or friend to accompany you on your transformational journey. Note: The only bonus that the Extra Seat doesn’t include is the ½ hour call with Shelley.

(Value: $​​​​​744)

Coaching Business Mastery 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My team and I are working tirelessly to make this one of the best parenting training programs you’ll ever take. The combination of teaching, real-time Forum feedback and hands-on implementation means that if you show up and engage, I’m confident you’ll see results you can be proud of.

That being said, if you seriously apply yourself and within 30 days, you still feel that I’ve wasted your time or you didn’t even get one nugget to move your parenting forward, just let me or my team know and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

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Sign Up Now

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$600 60% OFF

Please note: If at any time during the training you feel you need more support, simply email me at and we can hop on an informal skype chat to see how we can further help you.

Note: This Training Program is NOT For Everyone

Please don’t sign up if…

  • You want ONLY cut and paste instructions and aren't interested in deeply thinking about what you and your kids really need -uniquely.
  • You are in complete control of your painful emotions and have a strong handle on your parenting and your own middos (character traits).
  • You don't feel the need to to experience powerful joy as a mom or positively impact your kids.
  • You already feel successful as a mom. 
  • You aren't willing to do the work to create your own highly successful and joyously Jewish home.

Otherwise, if you’re a mom seeking a happier, richer, more inspired and more meaningful parenting life with real, LASTING results, I’m confident you belong in this program.



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​Here’s What Past Attendees Asked Before
Signing Up

How do I get access to the course once I sign up?

After registering, you'll receive a detailed packet that will clearly explain how to access your exclusive membership area and begin to enjoy your content.

​​Will I get my investment back?

 I know that taking an online course can feel overwhelming and out of budget, but here's the thing; This is a one-time investment in your parenting, and therefore in your kids - for the rest of their lives. If you apply and implement what I'm going to teach you, G-d willing, you really can't fail.

What if I need more support?

We send you step-by-step weekly guidelines on how to stay on course. You will have unlimited access for a full 3 months to your Members-Only support Group to ask questions, stay accountable and get feedback from our warm and caring community of moms who want to share your celebrations. And you can always reach out to see how we can support you further if you need more help.

Do you have a payment plan?

 I'm here to help you wherever I can. Simply click the orange button on the bottom right hand side of this page. We'll hop on an an informal chat where you can tell me what you need.

I've taken so many parenting courses already. How do I know this will work for me?

EmPowered Jewish Parenting is a unique program. It's not simply a set of instructions - "Do This, Don't Do That." We have outstanding tools to help you really get a grip on your painful emotions so you no longer feel they're in the way of your parenting. We're committed to helping you bring out your uniqueness and authentic parenting style and we don't give up until you succeed.

I'm already a grandma. What will I gain from this training?

 Wonderful! Your maturity will get you maximum benefit! You'll discover the road blocks in your relationships with your adult kids or help them over the obstacles with theirs - your grand-kids. You'll finally gain the confidence to embrace the deep, authentic Matriarch inside you and be the role model you've always dreamed of being.

Hurry! Massive Discount ENDS in:


Sign Up Now

Massive Discount Ends Soon...

$600 60% OFF

Please note: If at any time during the training you feel you need more support, simply email me at and we can hop on an informal skype chat to see how we can further help you.

Jewish Parenting Mastery 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My team and I are working tirelessly to make this one of the best parenting training programs you’ll ever take. The combination of teaching, real-time Forum Feedback and hands-on implementation means that if you show up and engage, I’m confident you’ll see results you can be proud of.

That being said, if within 30 days you seriously apply yourself and still feel we’ve wasted your time or you didn’t even get one nugget to move your parenting forward, just let me or my team know and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

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